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UNBORN KIDS:  We don't take pre-paid deposits on unborn kids; however, you can request to be on our FREE RESERVATION list.  If you are interested in a particular breeding, please let us know.  We keep a list and, once kids are born, offer first right of refusal (in order) to those interested.  If your name was on the list, and you choose to go forward with the purchase, you would then follow the reservation policy below.


All kids/goats require a minimum $50 deposit in order to place an initial "hold" on the kid/goat of your choice.  From the time you notify us of your intent to reserve an animal, we will place a 7 day courtesy hold on the animal until your payment arrives.  If the required deposit is not received within 7 days, the kid/goat will be made available again. 

The full balance is due within 30 days from the initial reservation unless prior arrangements have been made.  If full payment has not been received when due and you have not contaced us to make other arrangements, we may, at our discretion, place the kid/goat back on the available list.  Your deposit would then be available for future use on another kid/goat (for a period of one year). 

BUCK/WETHER KIDS:  Bucklings are sometimes listed with two prices: the first price is for an intact, breeding buck, the second price is "wethered" or neutered.  If you would like to reserve a buck prospect as a pet wether, we may not promise him to you as a pet wether until after 7 weeks of age.  (Most buck prospects, if not reserved as bucks, will automatically be neutered after this time.)  Wethers do NOT come with ADGA registration papers (since they are not breeding stock); however, we can provide a "Certificate of Identifcation" if requested.

NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS:  All deposits or payments made are non-refundable unless it is determined that the chosen animal is unavailable (due to illness, death, etc).  We also reserve the right to change our mind about a selling a particular kid.  In these rare cases, your full deposit will be refunded.  If you reserve a kid or adult goat, but later change your mind, any monies already paid are then transferable to another kid/goat for a period on one year.

PAYPAL ACCEPTED:  Please add 3% to the total charge if you choose to use this service. Use email address:  Lisa@CalicoCreekFarm.net

Or you can Mail Deposits/Payments to:

Lisa Carter
750 Crusoe Ln
Ellensburg, WA 98926



~  Entire Herd tested Negative for CAE/CL May 2011 thru WADDL at WSU  ~